Knowledge is a long journey that challenges us

because it's not us
who choose the starting point

but it's our responsibility to decide on the right destination.

My name is Fabio Giardina
and since 2003 I have been helping SMEs with online marketing and strategic consulting.
If you would like to understand why a figure such as mine can be crucial in your company nowadays, I tell you about the path through which I have acquired a multidisciplinary know-how as an entrepreneur and got to know the professionals in the team.
The Quality of Information Matters
if you want relevant results on time.
After a stint as a navy officer, I started my own business into the web in 2003 as a freelance programmer, web designer and online marketer. So I'm not a tax consultant, lawyer, sales agent or financial analyst. I am an entrepreneur who, like you, needs to learn very good basics in various specialistic knowledge, in order to gain a global overview and to cope with increasing market complexity and tax burden.

My Know-How in a Chart
The skills diversification from 2003 to today.
Over the years, I stopped focusing my training solely on my core competencies (marketing, web, cloud, programming). This has happened gradually, during the course of my assignments, by selecting and initiating collaborations with the best professionals in various fields. This opportunity allowed me to collect qualitative information in optimal time, especially in areas that were not my natural competence.
How I make the Difference in your SME
my added value is the Multidisciplinary Vision.
Small enterprises with a turnover of up to 3 million euro are often run by entrepreneurs who are extremely focused on the product or service they propose to their customers. They take care of its development and often also the commercial negotiation, but almost always underestimate the impact on accounting brought about by not optimising aspects of management control, tax planning, market positioning, marketing and work organisation with effective cloud tools.

1 5

1 Person, 5 Areas of Expertise
what I offer you to optimise your business:
95% Web Marketing
Programming, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Social Media, Lead Generation, Online Marketing.
90% Cloud und IT
Cloud Drive, Cloud Mail, Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Server, Antispam, Smart Working, Software e IT Solutions.
85% Marketing & Sales
Brand Positioning, Strategic Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Export Marketing, Internazionalization.
80% Corporate and Tax
Business Administration, Strategic Planning, Tax Rate Optimization, Subsidized Finance, Trademarks, Patents and Royalties.
75% Finance and Markets
Financial Markets, Macroeconomy, Flag Theory, International Banking, Fintech, Investments and Trading, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and NFT.
100% Competent Collaborators
In all fields not related to my core competences, you will have at your disposal one of the best teams of professionals available on the market.

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Your skills

Evaluate from 1 to 10 the level of expertise you and your team own in matter of:

6 Steuerplanung
6 Wirtschaftlichkeitsprüfung
6 Marketing & Kommunikation
6 Business development
6 Exportverwaltung
6 Cloud, IT & Smart Working

Your business

Please enter the information about the customers of your business. If you have never calculated these values, try estimating them.

6 Years of activity
(set maximum if higher than 30)
6% Product/service essentiality
(how essential is your product/service for the customer to live)
6% High-end customers
(% of clients who spend immediately more for quality)
6% Recurring customers
(at least 1 annual purchase or periodic subscription)
6% Recurring turnover
(% of turnover generated by recurring customers)
6% Fixed costs coverage
(which % the recurring turnover covers all fixed costs such as office, personnel, etc.)
6% Abandon rate
(% of recurring customers who stop buying or unsubscribe from the second year)


This preliminary analysis does not take several factors into consideration. Request a consultation to obtain a more in-depth analysis.

Exploitation of potential
It is your current ability to attract customers and extract profit in proportion to the potential you could achieve by optimizing every aspect.
Finanzielle Freiheit
It's the ability of your business to sustain itself in the medium term if you stop investing in finding new customers.
Finanzielle Belastbarkeit
It is the probability that your business will survive to severe financial shocks caused by external agents without the injection of new capital.


Based on the values you entered, the following considerations may be useful:

Exploitation of potential
Finanzielle Freiheit
  • Consider integrating products or services into your current business that allow your customers to purchase repeatedly over time. A business that does not allow you to have recurring customers is highly limiting in the ability to generate financial freedom for the entrepreneur. You must always be focused on attracting new customers and you will never be able to live at least partially thanks to what you have built in the past. Of course, if you work well, you can count on word of mouth, but if you project yourself 10 years from now, do you think that's enough to guarantee your economic stability?
  • The data you have entered indicates that each of your recurring customers spends on average 0 more than a regular customer. Adopt a cross-sell and up-sell strategy to increase the average annual amount spent by each of them.
  • From the data you entered it seems that each of your recurring customers spends on average 0 less than a regular customer. If the data is correct you are probably doing something wrong in your marketing. Adopt a cross-sell and up-sell strategy to increase the average annual amount spent by each of them.
  • By increasing the number of recurring customers by 0 and the average annual amount spent by each of them by 0, you will increase the guaranteed coverage of fixed costs from 0% to 0.
  • A recurring customer abandon rate of 0% is over 0, indicating that something is wrong with your offer. Work to make it more exclusive and more targeted to a specific market niche.
Finanzielle Belastbarkeit
  • It measures the solidity of your company subjected to a strong external financial shock that impacts the economy and the market in which you operate. The analysis of data relating to your customers estimates a probability of survival of your business equal to 0.
  • The more essential your product or service is to customer life (0%) and the more you target high-end customers (0%), the higher the probability that your company will survive, since the higher the probability that your own customers will survive and they still need you.

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